Now ISO 13485 Certified!

By acquiring ISO 13485 certification, are quality management system is deemed high enough that we can manufacture medical devices. In addition to this ZPAgTech has greatly benefited along the way being the beta tester for all the new systems we have implemented. This include a vast range off benefits the following list just names a few:

  • Product Tracking 
  • Incoming Quality Checks
  • Outgoing Quality Checks 
  • Testing Documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedures 

This all helps amount to one thing! When you purchase our products you will receive a quality product and if anything were to ever go wrong we can identify the issue all the way back to the exact day and correct it going forward. Whilst we have achieved this ISO Standard we are also fully aware that achieving it means we have achieved the bare minimum and as a result we will continue to find better ways to improve our system taking it well beyond minimum requirements. The cake above was given to the employees by our CEO as a well deserved surprise.