The ZP Academy

Over the last few weeks at ZP we have been very busy with the launch of our new educational site the "ZP Academy". The site follows on from previous work by ZP, developing an open source knowledge base aimed at employees and clients, to our surprise it was found to be extremely popular with student. Delighted with how popular the knowledge base became we thought we would meet the demand and launch the "ZP Academy". The site makes electrochemical biosensing simple with well thought out videos, text, and challenges to help keep students at the top of their game. In addition to helping students and fulfilling the previous requirements of the knowledge base it offers a whole range of video guides to assist our client with with the setting up of their various products.

Specific to ZP AgTech we recently launched videos to support beta testers in the setting up of Delta T GP2 Data Loggers with our nitrate sensor modules and also a guide on the construction of a soil test rig. To see them click the links below and for 100% free access to the ZP AgTech modules just drop us a message.