ZP's New Recruits!

Over the past few months, we have been increasing the size of our workforce at Zimmer and Peacock.  Joining our ranks are a variety of experienced individuals as well as some exciting young prospects who will join us for a placement as part of their university degree.   The new members of staff will have a large role to play in our agricultural sensor endeavors and will help us maintain a high level of technical innovation.  

We are excited to introduce the new team members:


Klaris attained her Master’s Degree in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery at Coventry University, where her thesis was based on the concentration of biomarkers associated with cardiac trauma in end stage renal disease patients during haemodialysis treatment. Since then, Klaris worked as a production technician at Sarissa Biomedical producing biosensors for the detection of strokes and has now joined ZP as a senior technician and will be based in Coventry. Some of Klaris' hobbies include artistic activities, cooking and baking. 


Emma studied for her MChem at Warwick Uni, where she did her thesis on soil analysis using FT-ICR. Emma then worked for almost 3 years at a geotechnical engineering lab, followed by just under a year at Sarissa Biomedical alongside Klaris, creating biosensors. Emma's new role at ZP will also be based in Coventry.  In her free time, Emma enjoys both online and tabletop gaming such as Dungeons and Dragon and Magic the Gathering. 


Matthew joins us from Scotland, having recently completed his Master's degree in Biomedical Technology.  Prior to his MSc, he worked as an electronics engineer within the Oil & Gas industry having studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering as an undergraduate.  Matthew will be based in Norway where he will work as an engineer for ZP.  Matthew's main hobby is running, and he often competes in various long distance events up to and beyond the marathon. 

Caitlin Jenkins

Caitlin is currently in her second year at Swansea University studying Medical Engineering and will be joining ZP as a placement student based in Coventry with the potential of a move to Norway.  Her main hobby is Tae Kwon Do, which she has been doing for around 14 years. Caitlin has competed in many competitions over the years and received her black belt in 2015. She also has a keen interest in reading and enjoys learning new languages. 


Olivia is currently studying Chemical engineering, also at Swansea University. Her placement with Zimmer and Peacock is her first experience in an engineering role. So far, Olivia has been able to grow her Python skills while working on a real world problem.  In her spare time, Olivia enjoys baking bread and playing board games. Olivia has told us that she cannot wait to see how the next year with Zimmer and Peacock helps her to become a better engineer - something we are equally looking forward to!


Shivon has just completed her third year of Chemical Engineering at Swansea University and has joined ZP as an on-call engineer.  Shivon is enthusiastic about the Nitrate project due to her background working at Copas Farm, which peaked her initial interest in AgTech.  Her interests consist of exploring new and upcoming technologies to solve global challenges using innovation, something she experienced from completing the Big Engineering Experience Week hosted by Ingenious World. Shivon is also keen on investigating emerging technologies such as algal biotechnology, having already researched it during her time at university.  Shivon also enjoys paddle boarding and running in her free time, along with hikes in the Brecon Beacons.


Radovan moved to the UK in 2012, from Slovakia, to study at Southampton University where he attained an MEng in Aerospace Engineering.  He went on to work at Sarissa Biomedical as a production development engineer and later became the chief engineer and production manager., where he was heavily involved in the creation of Robie-1, a production robot which automated part of the Stroke biosensor production.  In his spare time, Radovan enjoys working on home projects involving 3D printing, custom electronics and also volunteers at Remap Charity - a group who develop unique engineering solutions for the disabled.


Ellie is a recent Biomedical sciences graduate from the University of West England, and now studying for her Biomedical Sciences Master's with a view of continuing to do a Immunology PHD. Working at ZP will be Ellie's first experience in the biosensor industry but she has worked in many clinical settings such as a mental health clinic and a community hospital. Ellie's interest in biosensors peaked during her dissertation where she first met and interviewed ZP's Dr. Martin Peacock.  Ellie will join ZP as a temporary on-call intern analyst, starting her internship with the company in Coventry before moving to Norway.  Ellie is also a competitive cheerleader for the Comets and has been for 3 years, where she has also been appointed health and safety officer for next season. On top of cheerleading, Ellie also volunteers as an assistant Duke of Edinburgh leader with her past high school.