We are seeking a CEO for AgTech business

At ZP we are delighted to be partnered with PBL and JIC in developing a soil nitrate sensor, as we see one of the futures for humanity is agriculture technologies (AgTech), including precision farming.


One of the first problems to solve in AgTech is the addition of fertilizers to the soil. Most current ferritization strategies is based on the experience of the farmer and/or the agronomist, but there is no real time feedback to the farmer regarding the current nitrate concentration in the soil (ppm, kg/hectare). The result of is that fertilizers are not optimally added, which can result in some cases less than optimal crop yield, but in other cases too much fertilizer is added and the excess can run-off  or leaching into the water courses and resulting in pollution.


Through a tri-party collaboration we have now solved the problem of real time monitoring of nitrate in soil and in 2022 the technology will be launched to the market in a new commercial vehicle, and therefore in preparation for this we are now seeking a CEO.   The value of the technology has the potential to generate a  several billion dollar per annum business, and so we are looking for a very ambitious individual able to drive  start-up to a billion dollar revenue business.


We are looking for a person who has the potential to be our CEO/COO, some key points that could describe you are:


• Experience in agronomy or related industry

• Agriculture / life science education

• Ideally experience in smart / digital farming applications

• Track record of securing financing for startups

• Links to investment community

• Previously set up and ran start ups

• Leadership experience

• International experience

• Understanding of government regulations for nitrate

• Track record of operating at a senior level

• Experience in the day-to-day running and development of the business

• Leadership and management of staff, marketing, public relations, administration and financial control.


If this opportunity  is interesting please don't hesitate to contact us.