ZP Company Meeting

Earlier this month, the annual company meeting was held in Horten, Norway, with the majority of staff from the company attending. Staff from across Europe visited the offices in Norway and began the first day with a visit to the A1 building, located in Skoppum. During the first morning, several presentations were held, including those discussing different projects, new ideas and goals for the company. 

This opportunity was used to introduce the Nitrate Project to those involved in other projects. The presentation included a summary of the uses of the nitrate rod, a discussion about all the different aspects and people involved within the project as a whole and a list of aims to be achieved. 

In the evening of the first day, everyone was able to enjoy a spread of food which had been prepared by a few members of the company who have a passion for cooking and baking. It was great for people from all aspects of the company to be reunited and to catch up with each other after such a long time - many meeting in person for the first time ever despite working together for over a year!

Part of the second day of the company meeting included a ‘Hackathon’. This allowed ZP employees to pitch their own ideas for improvements and new projects within the company. This finished with an overall winner, who received funding and hours delegated towards their idea. This was very successful and there were many participants with great pitches, this kept everybody engaged and allowed for an interesting Q&A session at the end of each pitch. There was a wide range of ideas, many of which will be very beneficial to the nitrate project going forwards.