About Us

Our goal is to EMPOWER you to Grow More and Waste less.  

Why do you need ZP AgTech?

Artificial fertiliser is typically the biggest annual operational expenditure for a farmer and therefore it's important to use it correctly.


Too much and it's not only a waste, but it can create groundwater run-off. Too little and crop yield falls.


The big question is: How much is just right?




That's where ZP AGTech come into the picture. Our nitrate sensors enable you to make the best decisions based on reliable data.  

What would you use ZP AgTech for?

Why ZP AgTech?

Our primary focus is to enable efficient farming. But there are a number of other applications of our sensors.


Our sensors provide valuable information that helps to increase yield and quality.

Urban greenspaces

City parks and gardens can be better managed as data from our sensors help to reduce costs.





At ZP AgTech, we believe that great Service is the key to a great product. 

Our goal is to ensure that you feel supported at all times. 

Our products are Affordable, Accurate and Scalable and most importantly we provide round-the-clock service to all our customers.

We believe in Sustainability which is why we make every effort to provide you with a means to attain it.