11. June 2021
At Zimmer and Peacock, we are always looking to adapt and provide innovative solutions for our clients and collaborators. ZP were approached to design a solution for testing the power requirements of a Nitrate Rod when connected to a solar panel whilst simultaneously accessing the data over a short-range wireless network. To develop this solution, ESP32 modules have been implemented. An ESP32 development module is a low power microcontroller, similar to Arduino and Raspberry-Pi boards, but with...
10. June 2021
ZP's New Recruits!
Zimmer and Peacock have recently welcomed a plethora of talented individuals onto our team to help innovate and develop our AgTech capabilities. Alongside some experienced engineers and biomedical technicians, we are delighted to welcome some of Swansea University's finest students who have joined ZP for their industrial placements.
28. May 2021
The Importance of Nitrate Detection
With the dangers of nitrate pollution due to agriculture, Nitrate Vulnerable Zones(NVZ) have been established in up to 55% of England to keep track of nitrate pollution in our waters. Due to this, rules and regulations have been set up by the government to control the total use of nitrogen fertilisers to help reduce leaching and run offs.
21. May 2021
Nitrate Detection in Soil Columns
Collaboration is key to successfully executed projects; our partners at the John Innes Centre are able to use our nitrate sensors in soil column experiments in conjunction with monitoring via Delta-T GP2 data loggers.
20. April 2021
Wireless Capabilities of the Nitrate Rod
ZP have been investigating a variety of wireless techniques for transmitting the data from the nitrate rods to the user's end device. These techniques allow ZP's sensors to form an Internet of Things and securely broadcast the data to the cloud for remote access.
15. March 2021
At ZP we like to think we are at the forefront of science, developing the next generation of sensors to solve world issues. If that wasn't true before it sure is now. A recent article published by New Scientist suggested the world needs to adjust its focus from Carbon being the only issue to it being one of a series [May 2021]. The article titled "Nitrogen Emergency" looked at five main ways it is harming our planet, of which the three most important to our project are dead zones, soil...
21. February 2021
At ZP we appreciate that there are many types of horticulture including hydro-culture and the subset hydroponics, which are methods of growing plants, usually crops, without soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solution. The roots may be physically supported by an inert medium such gravel, or other substrates. At ZP we are asked whether our soil nitrate sensors operate in water and when submerged under water, and whether they can be used as part of a hydroponics system, the...
21. February 2021
At ZP we see a great potential for our sensors in the agricultural and horticultural industries whether the growing is in fields, under glass, hydroponics etc. The sensors that show the most interest are the potassium, nitrate, calcium, conductivity/salinity/humidity and pH sensors
19. February 2021
Over the last few weeks at ZP we have been very busy with the launch of our new educational site the "ZP Academy". The site follows on from previous work by ZP, developing an open source knowledge base aimed at employees and clients, to our surprise it was found to be extremely popular with student. Delighted with how popular the knowledge base became we thought we would meet the demand and launch the "ZP Academy". The site makes electrochemical biosensing simple with well thought out videos,...
27. January 2021
By acquiring ISO 13485 certification, are quality management system is deemed high enough that we can manufacture medical devices. In addition to this ZPAgTech has greatly benefited along the way being the beta tester for all the new systems we have implemented. This include a vast range off benefits the following list just names a few: Product Tracking Incoming Quality Checks Outgoing Quality Checks Testing Documentation Standard Operating Procedures This all helps amount to one thing! When...

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