12. April 2022
DEFRA's response to rising nitrate fertiliser costs
With the costs of nitrate fertiliser rising, DEFRA have announced an emergency meeting, with the end goal of reducing the rising costs of food production. ZP AgTech's nitrate monitoring devices could be the solution for many farmers. Particularly those who are struggling to manage their fertiliser levels as a result of these increased costs.
10. January 2022
Quality Control at ZP AgTech
ZP AgTech have a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure that all sensors dispatched to testers are performing well and displaying appropriate calibration profiles.
06. December 2021
Soil nitrate management goes hand-in-hand with good sustainability practices. Under and over-use of fertilizer can be combatted with ZP's Nitrate Sensor, providing continuous monitoring.
06. December 2021
Tackling the UN's Sustainable Development Goals with the ZP AgTech Nitrate Sensors.
11. November 2021
Thank you for speaking to us at Farming Innovations. At ZP AgTech we see that monitoring nitrates in the soil helps the farmer, the environment and developers. The soli nitrate rod does this by reducing fertilizer costs for farmers and reducing run off and pollution from fertilizing.
11. November 2021
The ZP AgTech Nitrate Soil Nitrate Sensor is a game changer for both the precision application of nitrate fertilizers and for the controlling the environmental impact form farming and developments.
10. November 2021
The ZP AgTech nitrate sensors are being installed within the glasshouses.
10. November 2021
Nitrate sensors at Farm Innovation
The ZP AgTech team were delighted to be at the Farm Innovation Show today. Nothing teaches you more about your product than getting out there and meeting the real people who will use it.
07. November 2021
Please use the scan the QR code or click the button below to have ZP AgTech contact you after the show.
15. October 2021
ZP Company Meeting
Zimmer and Peacock held their annual company meeting in October, which was a great opportunity for many members of staff to meet and get to know each other better. A range of presentations and workshops helped keep everyone aligned with the current projects and company goals.

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