09. September 2021
ZP Agtech has the World's only functioning commercial biosensor for agriculture and water monitoring applications. This week we visited the University of Warwick Ag Centre to discuss our nitrate sensing technology.
07. September 2021
ZP AgTech is going to The Farm Business Innovation Show
On November 10th & 11th, ZP AgTech will be exhibiting at The Farm Business Innovation Show at the NEC in Birmingham.
04. August 2021
Nitrate Case Study
A case study showcasing and explaining the data from 5 Zimmer and Peacock Nitrate Rods.
20. July 2021
At ZP we are delighted to be partnered with PBL and JIC in developing a soil nitrate sensor, as we see one of the futures for humanity is agriculture technologies (AgTech), including precision farming. One of the first problems to solve in AgTech is the addition of fertilizers to the soil. Most current ferritization strategies is based on the experience of the farmer and/or the agronomist, but there is no real time feedback to the farmer regarding the current nitrate concentration in the soil...
19. July 2021
The business model at ZP AgTech is to be the nitrate sensor to API business. From our API comes the nitrate data, having been converted from raw voltage signal to calibrated nitrate date, and given in the units in ppm or kg/hectare. An extension to this business model is that we can also receive raw voltage data from third party systems as an API, which we will then convert into nitrate soil concentration on our Cloud Maths Engine, which can then be again accessed via an API from the ZP servers.
17. July 2021
Case study measuring nitrate in the soil
ZP AgTech is delighted to be making a real difference in precision farming; in the video and data below ZP is able to determine that it is possible to reduce the fertilizers added to the soil through the use of our soil nitrate measuring technology.
12. July 2021
ZP Ltd has opened its latest lab in Coventry, UK.
11. June 2021
At Zimmer and Peacock, we are always looking to adapt and provide innovative solutions for our clients and collaborators. ZP were approached to design a solution for testing the power requirements of a Nitrate Rod when connected to a solar panel whilst simultaneously accessing the data over a short-range wireless network. To develop this solution, ESP32 modules have been implemented. An ESP32 development module is a low power microcontroller, similar to Arduino and Raspberry-Pi boards, but with...
10. June 2021
ZP's New Recruits!
Zimmer and Peacock have recently welcomed a plethora of talented individuals onto our team to help innovate and develop our AgTech capabilities. Alongside some experienced engineers and biomedical technicians, we are delighted to welcome some of Swansea University's finest students who have joined ZP for their industrial placements.
28. May 2021
The Importance of Nitrate Detection
With the dangers of nitrate pollution due to agriculture, Nitrate Vulnerable Zones(NVZ) have been established in up to 55% of England to keep track of nitrate pollution in our waters. Due to this, rules and regulations have been set up by the government to control the total use of nitrogen fertilisers to help reduce leaching and run offs.

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